Surgeons and Microsoft Dynamics GP

Today I am all excited about training.  Please, please, please do not ignore this all import aspect of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Today I am all excited about training.  Please, please, please do not ignore this all import aspect of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

Originally Posted 10/25/2012

Today I am all excited about training.  Please, please, please do not ignore this all import aspect of your Microsoft Dynamics GP system.

So why is my usual excitement regarding training renewed today?  One of my clients invited me to attend their annual conference, so here I am in Miami South Beach watching over 12,000 heart surgeons learn.  (In case you are interested here is the conference website

These surgeons perform interventional procedures on the heart.  So they are the ones who use a stent rather than cut you wide open, reducing risks and recovery time.  Although what I’ve seen and heard is fascinating (at least what I can understand), I am overjoyed at their commitment to continue learning.  These men and women are focusing on what can make them better, make their patients health better, AND new technologies.

Today is my fourth day here and these suregons are still going strong with 1 more day to go.  I see they understand the importance of networking.  Not networking to land more business, get a job or make sales; but networking to learn how to be better at their jobs.  With surgeons the results of being better at their job is easily measured.  The better they are the more patients live and the longer patients live.

The results of being better at your job, in the world of accounting might be tougher to measure.  Let’s review some “excuses” and measurements now.

  1. You are too busy for training – If an hour training class saves you 10 minutes a week, how much easier will your job be in 7 weeks?  14 weeks? 52 weeks?
  2. You’ll just figure it out on your own. – This not only takes longer, but you’ll end up missing something that can save you time and money.  See item number 1 or just stay late and come in on weekends.
  3. You’ll just use online help.  – Online help is great and should be used more BUT online help is created to explain a single window or item, not to explain concepts or procedural guidelines.  Again, see items 1 and 2.

Being better at your job makes you work less and smarter.  You also can provide accurate information more quickly making you the “data hero” in your company.

There are some similarities between you as a GP user and these surgeons.

  • You need to keep learning to make yourself better.
  • You need to keep learning how you can have better results.
  • You need to learn how to be proactive and be thinking 3 steps ahead.
  • You need to keep your eye on emerging techologies and use them when they prove beneficial.

In short, do not cheat yourself by skipping training!

Author: Belinda Allen

Belinda Allen (Microsoft MVP) is both a Microsoft Certified Professional for Dynamics GP (MCP) and a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT). She is also the co-founder of Smith & Allen Consulting, Inc. (, a business management software consulting firm for over 24 years. Belinda began implementing ERP systems so long ago that Windows was not an operating system, but an application. Larger businesses used old Main Frames with monitors that were Green and Black and smaller business did accounting by hand. Having seen the evolution that has taken place over the years from pieces of paper to analytics, Belinda still gets excited every time she helps a business improve. Belinda is also well known for her Blog Her blog is about sharing really useful information about the product quickly and succinctly. She has earned the nickname GP CSI because she excels at reviewing GP problems and figuring what went wrong and why. With followers all over the Globe she is able to share knowledge and achieve her mission: “To Improve the Lives and Business Success of my Followers.” In her time off, Belinda enjoys sailing, woodturning, crochet/knitting, sewing/quilting, reading and playing the ukulele (Belinda often participates in Ukulele Jams in NYC.)

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