Getting clear about risk —

Many of you know that Mark Polino and I are good friends. As good friends, we love to tease each other. Combine that teasing with a love of learning and sharing what we learn. If we can show the other something new then we are happy.
I was lucky enough to read an early edition of Mark’s Microsoft Dynamics GP Field Service Manual. I gave Mark several things to tease me about because I kept sending emails saying, “I didn’t know that” (and remember, I’ve worked with GP since it was called Dynamics and it took 25 diskettes to install.) New features (from upgrades) fall between the cracks for everybody. His book also made me think about security in an entirely different way.
If you manage your install of Microsoft Dynamics GP (or Dynamics 365 or NetSuite), check out the following. -Belinda

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Is It Time to Insource Payroll? (And Outsource Compliance) — PowerGP Online

With employee payroll, there’s no room for error. Paychecks and direct deposits need to be processed on time and accurately, every payday. Payroll is one of your organization’s largest expenses, and payroll mistakes definitely leaves a bad impression with your employees. Payroll accuracy impacts your organization’s compliance with local, state, and federal wage and hour…

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